Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching

Daily Support, Groups, Individual Cooking and Meal Prep

Our coaching services are designed to give you all the support you need to recover from an eating disorder or disordered eating, and to supplement your individual nutrition therapy appointments with your dietitian.  We build in accountability and multiple types of sessions – individual, daily messaging support and food based – to help ensure your success. 

This program involves a high level of commitment from both you and your dietitian. Our experience shows that this level of mutual commitment results in the best recovery outcomes and is essential in avoiding higher levels of care or relapse.

You would likely benefit from coaching if:

  • This is your first time seeking help and don't know where to start
  • You are currently working with a dietitian, but need more hands-on services and frequent chek-ins
  • You are stepping down from a higher level of care and want to continue to have much structure while transitioning to outpatient care
  • You struggle planning meals or cooking to meet your meal plan
  • You need more support eating meals and not using harmful behaviors

Here's what's included

  • Monthly membership, no long term requirements
  • Meal Support
  • Individual cooking lessons or meal prep sessions in our beautiful teaching kitchen (if local to Baltimore) or in your home (if local to Atlanta)
  • Daily messaging with your dietitian and/or food journal review using our secure messaging portal
  • Recovery workbook with goal setting and homework assignments
  • Coordination and communication with all members of care team
  • Discount on micronutrient testing (optional)

Recovery coaching is for adults and adolescents

To get started, please click below to send us an email or call our office at 410-370-0415.

Insurance Accepted

We do not participate with Medicaid or any managed Medicaid MCO plans