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Kitchen Confidence for Intuitive Eating & Eating Disorder Recovery

Do you struggle with cooking and putting a nutritious meal on the table? Are you trying to follow a meal plan but get overwhelmed with what to make to meet your needs? Our dietitians want to help you build kitchen confidence!

At nourishED, we offer individualized cooking lessons in our teaching kitchen to inspire you, sharpen your cooking skills, and reinforce what you are working on with your dietitian. The classes are taught by your dietitian and are personalized to your tastes, preferences, and skill level.

We have two tracks:

nourishED for Intuitive Eaters

Sharpen your kitchen skills for intuitive eating. Learn how to make nutritious and tasty meals with whole food ingredients – no diet foods here!

recoverED for Eating Disorder Recovery

Learn the kitchen skills you need to follow your exchange-based meal plan and work on your eating disorder recovery.

Here’s what our clients are saying…

“I loved the one on one cooking class that is offered! Melanie had some great recipes and had all the ingredients ready to go. I have a limited number of meals I’m typically comfortable making so this has been great to get me out of my comfort zone. I have actually been able to recreate one of the recipes we made in our class so I can add to my meal routine!” -Allison

“With cooking classes I’ve been able to try new recipes and expand my cooking abilities! I’ve learned fun recipes and found a creative way that helps me nourish my body.” – Tracy

To learn more and meet with one of our dietitians, schedule your initial session here or contact us for more info.

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For the safety of our providers and clients, our in-person offices are closed for the time-being. However, we are still offering virtual services via video or phone. Fortunately, insurance companies are still covering these services.