Kitchen Confidence Cooking Classes

Let's get cooking!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering individual cooking classes for our clients in our teaching kitchen! You and your dietitian will choose 1-2 recipes and prepare them together. You will also receive recipe cards and tips for grocery shopping and food prep. All cooking skills welcome, and watching is just fine too. Let your dietitian know if you would like to add meal support and eat together.

Cooking classes may be helpful if you:

  • Want to learn basic cooking skills and navigating your way around the kitchen
  • Are getting bored with your go-to meals (variety is SO important in recovery)
  • Struggle to find easy meal ideas to fit your meal plan
  • Are ready to challenge foods with the support of your dietitian
  • Feel that cooking is overwhelming and don’t know where to start

Class ideas:

  • Make ahead breakfasts
  • Sheet pan meals
  • Asian-inspired dishes
  • No-cook lunches
  • DIY grain bowls
  • Instant pot meals 
  • How to cook tofu

Here's what our clients are saying:

“I loved the one on one cooking class that is offered! Melanie had some great recipes and had all the ingredients ready to go. I have a limited number of meals I’m typically comfortable making so this has been great to get me out of my comfort zone. I have actually been able to recreate one of the recipes we made in our class so I can add to my meal routine!” -Allison

To learn more or sign up, talk to your dietitian at your next appointment, call or email We can’t wait to cook with you.

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